Crossover Reloaded

Since 2006 crossover is an expanding concept. Today almost everything is a crossover. Nothing works isolated anymore, the cars are crossovers; the systems are crossover; the music is crossover, the real and the virtual are mixed.

That’s what we thought more than 15 years ago when we founded CROSSOVER AGENCY. Two years after the birth of Facebook, in the same year as Twitter and four years before Instagram even appeared.

Our first digital campaign was more than 15 years ago for the World Cup in Germany for DirecTV. A mega campaign ahead of its time, for Latin America, with a confluence of digital TV and daily online trivia for the entire region. Thousands of users interacted on the DIRECTV worldcup site.

In 16 years we have worked for many clients and brands, both offline and online. We grew up in a changing and difficult environment.

We believe in CROSSOVER, we believe in a hybrid world online and offline, virtual and real.

And we have prepared for this.